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Coast RTA News
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Coast RTA wants to provide you ways to learn about our organization through gathering up-to-date information in our Coast RTA News section. Check back with us as our news archive is updated regularly, or if you want your information without all of the digital traveling, subscribe to our RSS Feed.

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Coast RTA Provides FREE Rides to Mothers on May 12 

Coast RTA is honoring ALL mothers and grandmothers on Mother's Day. Mothers and grandmothers of all ages are invited to ride their choice of routes with Coast RTA FREE on Sunday, May 12, 2019. This annual FREE fare day for mothers and grandmothers is...

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Coast RTA Seeks Public Feedback for Bucksport and Loris Routes 

Coast RTA is seeking feedback from the residents of Bucksport and Loris communities regarding its proposed service changes. Coast RTA has hosted several public meetings and is riding the buses to speak with residents regarding proposed changes, sched...

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Coast RTA Announces Public Meetings for Bucksport 

Coast RTA will hold several public meetings in April to discuss a permanent conversion of its services to the greater Bucksport areas of Horry County. The public meetings are designed to obtain input from the public on proposed service changes in the...

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Coast RTA Reminds Everyone to Spring Forward Sunday 

Old Man Winter may still be visiting us along the Grand Strand but that won’t stop the clocks from “springing forward” an hour with the return of daylight saving time. At 2 a.m. Sunday (March 10), the clocks move ahead one hour and we leave standa...

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Coast RTA Announces Route Modifications for Marathon 

On Saturday, March 2, Coast RTA will modify several routes affected by the Myrtle Beach Marathon. The modifications will take place from 6 AM until 3 PM. ...

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Coast RTA

Coast RTA News
Stay in the know!

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