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Coast RTA News
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Coast RTA wants to provide you ways to learn about our organization through gathering up-to-date information in our Coast RTA News section. Check back with us as our news archive is updated regularly, or if you want your information without all of the digital traveling, subscribe to our RSS Feed.

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Coast RTA Suspends Fixed Route and Paratransit Services 

With Hurricane Florence on its path for the Grand Strand, Coast RTA suspended its fixed route and paratransit services at end of day September 10 and its evacuation efforts on September 12. The fixed route and paratransit service suspension will rema...

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Coast RTA Hurricane Florence Evacuation to End TODAY 

Coast RTA's evacuation efforts will continue through Wednesday morning and is expected to cease around early afternoon, weather and wind conditions permitting. Anyone planning to use Coast RTA to evacuate to a local shelter is asked to call Coast RTA...

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Coast RTA Implements Evacuation for Hurricane Florence Coast RTA Implements Evacuation for Hurricane Florence 

Governor Henry McMaster delivered his executive order for Horry County’s evacuation Monday afternoon; thus mobilizing Coast RTA’s transportation in the Zone A, B and C evacuations. Coast RTA has 20-plus hurricane evacuation bus stops along the Grand ...

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Coast RTA Halts Daily Service and Prepares for Evacuation Service 

In anticipation of Governor Henry McMaster's executive order for evacuation for Horry County, Coast RTA has cancelled its fixed routes and paratransit services scheduled for Tuesday in preparation for its role in hurricane evacuations. If an evacuati...

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Route 21 Entertainment Express 

Route 21 Entertainment Express has now been shut down for the season....

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Coast RTA

Coast RTA News
Stay in the know!

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