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Coast RTA News
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Coast RTA wants to provide you ways to learn about our organization through gathering up-to-date information in our Coast RTA News section. Check back with us as our news archive is updated regularly, or if you want your information without all of the digital traveling, subscribe to our RSS Feed.

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Coast RTA Modified Service Through Weekend 

Coast RTA resumed its fixed route, express and paratransit services on Friday, January 5, with some route modifications. According to Coast RTA officials, unsafe road conditions in rural Georgetown County has prevented Coast RTA from providing it...

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Coast RTA Resumes Service Post Grayson 

Coast RTA Announced Thursday that it would resume its fixed route and paratransit service as scheduled on Friday, January 5. However, due to the anticipated road conditions, it would not be providing service to the rural areas of the Georgetown Count...

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Coast RTA Cancels Service Thursday, January 4 

Due to the inclement weather and road conditions, Coast RTA has cancelled its fixed route and paratransit service scheduled for Thursday, January 4. Coast RTA will resume its normal schedules of fixed route, express route and paratransit services ...

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Inclement Weather Forces Coast RTA to Halt Service 

Due to severe weather conditions predicting snow, sleet and freezing rain for the Grand Strand, Coast RTA announced Wednesday that it would halt fixed route and paratransit bus service at 6 PM and delay service on Thursday, January 4, weather pendin...

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Bridges Open; Coast RTA Resumes Georgetown Service 

Bridges in Georgetown County reopened late morning December 29 following a brief closure due to icy road condition that forced Coast RTA to interrupt its Rt 16 and 16 Express service. Coast RTA resumed full service on Route 16 at 11 AM Friday and ...

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Coast RTA

Coast RTA News
Stay in the know!

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