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Highway 41 Remains Closed: Coast RTA Continues Modified Service in Georgetown County

posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coast RTA continues to provide modified service to the Andrews and outlying Georgetown County area servicing as many existing Route 16 Express stops as possible along the modified route created due to the closure of Highway 41.

According to SCDOT reports, Highway 41 is expected to remain closed until late November. Until Highway 41 reopens, Route 16 Express 1 and Express 2 will continue to provide daily service in Georgetown County on Highway 701, Highway 261 (Georgetown to Andrews) and Highway 521 using the 2015 fall schedule.

Currently, the modified stops for Andrews > Georgetown on Route 16 Express 1 and Route 16 Express 2 (afternoon) are as follows: Andrews Public Library; corner of Magnolia & Main Street (near Advance Auto Parts); vicinity of Newton's General Store near Georgetown Road; vicinity of Kent Rd on Georgetown Highway; vicinity of Sampit Pentecostal Holiness Church on Georgetown Highway; Georgetown County Fire Department on Georgetown Highway and Georgetown Transfer Station.

For specific route and schedule information/questions, please call Coast RTA Customer Service at 843-488-0865 during normal business hours. Passengers are encouraged to monitor Coast RTA's Facebook page and Twitter page as well as media outlets for service updates. 


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Coast RTA

Highway 41 Remains Closed: Coast RTA Continues Modified Service in Georgetown County

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