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Georgetown County Bridges Reopen; Coast RTA Rte 16 Service Resumes

posted on Friday, December 29, 2017

Coast RTA resumed its regular bus service along Route 16 Georgetown to Myrtle Beach at 11 AM Friday when the bridges along US 17 reopened between Georgetown and Pawleys Island. Coast RTA had continued service from Myrtle Beach to Pawleys Island but could not travel to Georgetown due to the bridge closure.

Service is expected to continue throughout the remainder of the day at its regular schedule. Passengers are encouraged to monitor the routes via Coast RTA's APP or by calling Customer Service for updates at 843.488.0865.

Due to the bridge closures, Coast RTA was unable to run any of its Route 16 Express routes Friday morning and therefore cancelled its afternoon return trips.

Routes 16 and 16 Express are expected to operate as scheduled on Saturday, December 30. However, Coast RTA officials do encourage passengers to expect delays in anticipation of road conditions and bridges freezing overnight.

Passengers are encouraged to stay tuned to local media, Coast RTA's APP, its social media channels or to contact its Customer Service at 843.488.0865 for updates.


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Coast RTA

Georgetown County Bridges Reopen; Coast RTA Rte 16 Service Resumes

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