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Coast RTA's Suspension of Service Continues Until Further Notice

posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Coast RTA announced Tuesday that its fixed route and paratransit services would not resume until further notice. Road conditions and flooding continue to cause problems and safety concerns in the Grand Strand area. Coast RTA is working with Horry County Emergency Management Department in planning anticipated evacuations due to area flooding. 

Safety of our passengers and employees is Coast RTA's number one priority. Coast RTA urges everyone to exercise caution in regards to any travel in the area. 

Coast RTA encourages everyone to monitor local media channels, social media and Coast RTA's APP ( for updated service information. Updates will be posted as decisions are made.

For information regarding conditions in Horry County and road conditions/closures, visit 

For any additional questions, call Customer Service at 843.488.0865. 


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Coast RTA

Coast RTA's Suspension of Service Continues Until Further Notice

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