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Coast RTA Announces 2018 Holiday Schedule

posted on Sunday, November 18, 2018

In observance of the upcoming holiday season, Coast RTA has announced that it will not operate its fixed routes or paratransit daily bus route schedule on Thursday, November 22. Coast RTA's normal service for fixed routes and paratransit will resume on Friday, November 23. 

In addition to Thanksgiving, Coast RTA buses will not operate its fixed routes or paratransit services on the following holidays in order for employees to spend time with their families: Christmas Day (Tuesday, December 25) and New Year's Day (Tuesday, January 1). Coast RTA's daily service for fixed routes and paratransit services is scheduled to resume the day after each holiday. 

Coast RTA operates the following fixed routes: No. 1 - Conway Circulator; No. 2 - Conway to Loris; No. 3 - Conway to Bucksport; No. 7 and No. 7 Express (7X) - Conway to Myrtle Beach; No. 10 - Myrtle Beach Connector; No. 15 North and 15 South, choice of routes with select stops along Kings Highway and Ocean Boulevard from 82nd Avenue North to Market Common; and, the 16 and 16 Express (16X) [Georgetown routes]. Rates for Coast RTA fixed routes are $1.50 per ride for adults; $1.25 students with ID; $.75 per ride for senior citizens/disabled citizens/Veterans and FREE for children, ages 6 and younger (limit 3 with paid adult). The Express Route fare on the 16 Express - is $2 per ride for adults. All transfers are $.25 each. Or, to stay informed with the latest updates on route information, download the Coast RTA APP at

For more information including additional route, schedule and fares information, call  843.488.0865 or visit the website


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Coast RTA

Coast RTA Announces 2018 Holiday Schedule

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