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Coast RTA Announces Service Conversion to Bus Stops on Myrtle Beach Routes

posted on Monday, September 30, 2019

Coast RTA has installed bus stop signs on Routes 10, 15 North and 15 South, which are the primary bus routes in Myrtle Beach. Beginning on November 1, 2019, Coast RTA will require passengers to use the locations marked by signs in order to access the bus service on these routes.

"Defining stop locations is a critical element for transit systems. It helps with on-time performance, but more importantly, enhances the safety of our customers. Stop locations along Kings Highway have been strategically placed in areas where crossing the street can be done in the safest manor possible," said Coast RTA General Manager Brian Piascik. "This is a long-term project for us and we will be placing signs along all of our routes. I hope that our customers will notice our commitment to providing reliable and safe transportation through projects like the bus stop sign program."

In addition to this change, there will be a small alignment change on Route 15 South. The route will utilize 29th Avenue South in Myrtle Beach for both outbound and inbound directions, beginning November 1, 2019. Coast RTA's 15 South bus will operate its normal route until it reaches 29th Avenue South. Then, it will turn left onto 29th Avenue South and continue to Ocean Blvd. It will turn right onto Ocean Blvd and then continue to resume its route serving Market Common. On the return trip, it will leave Market Common; continue on Ocean Blvd until it reaches 29th Avenue South. Turn left from Ocean Blvd to 29th Avenue South. Then, take a right onto Kings Highway and continue its normal route along Kings Highway and the Myrtle Beach International Airport.

Coast RTA fixed routes are $1.50 per ride for adults; $1.25 students with ID; $.75 per ride for veterans/senior citizens(age 55 and older)/Medicare/disabled citizens; and, FREE for children, ages 6 and younger (limit 3 with paid adult). The Express Route fare on the 16 Express is $2 per ride for adults. All transfers are $.25 each. For additional route information, call Coast RTA Customer Service at 843.488.0865. Or, to stay informed with the latest updates on route information, download the Coast RTA APP at

 For additional information regarding Coast RTA and its implementation of Bus Stop Signs, please call Customer Service at 843.488.0865 during normal business hours.



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Coast RTA

Coast RTA Announces Service Conversion to Bus Stops on Myrtle Beach Routes

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