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Inclement Weather Forces COAST RTA to Halt Select Service

posted on Sunday, October 04, 2015

Conway (SC) - Due to severe weather coupled with impassable and dangerous road conditions, Coast RTA has suspended all Fixed Route service in Georgetown County until further notice. It has also halted (not suspended) service for all routes leaving the Myrtle Beach Transfer Station until further decisions can be made as well as efforts to transport passengers safely home.

 "Safety is Coast RTA's top priority. For the safety of our passengers, as well as our employees, service will only be provided when we are certain road conditions are safe," says Brian Piascik, General Manager. "At this time, all express routes are cancelled for Sunday, October 4, along with Route 7 leaving Conway. An afternoon run is still anticipated for Routes 15 North and 15 South to return passengers to their final destinations, pending weather conditions at that time."

As of this release, plans are to run the routes as scheduled for Monday, October 5. Any decisions on bus service delays or cancellations will be announced by 6 a.m. Monday morning. Please watch for updates as announcements will be made via local news media outlets and social media channels. 

"Coast RTA will notify the community of any schedule change as soon as we make the call to delay service. Otherwise, we have determined it is safe to proceed with our regular schedule and continue with that schedule as normal," said Piascik.


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Coast RTA

Inclement Weather Forces COAST RTA to Halt Select Service

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