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Service Status Update

posted on Monday, October 05, 2015

Coast RTA will resume regular service on Tuesday at 8AM on all routes with the following exceptions.
Route 1 - Conway Circulator will NOT operate at all on Tuesday due to several road closings along the route.
Route 7/7X - There will be an express trip leaving the Conway Transit Center at 7 AM headed to Myrtle Beach. Route 7 will enter regular service at 8 AM leaving from Conway.
Route 16/16X - Begins service in Myrtle Beach at 8 AM and will make the 10 AM trip from Georgetown Transit Center. Route 16X trips will depart from the Georgetown Transit Center at 8AM and 8:15AM.  There will be no service in Andrews, other parts of Georgetown or along 701 due to road closures in those areas.

All services on Ocean Blvd will be re-routed to Kings Hwy until further notice.
We expect regular service to resume on Wednesday - keep checking our website for updates.

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Coast RTA

Service Status Update

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