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Emergency Evacuation Bus Stops


Once the Governor gives an executive order for evacuation, Coast RTA becomes part of the Horry County Emergency Preparedness initiative and begins transporting residents from the designated zones to the local shelters.

Coast RTA has 20 designated evacuation bus stops along the Grand Strand:

1.) Food Lion Little River - 3379 East Highway 9

2.) North Myrtle Beach High School - 3760 Sea Mountain Hwy

3.) Roses North Myrtle Beach - 3500 South Highway 17, North Myrtle Beach

4.) Myrtle Beach Mall (formerly Colonial Mall) - 10177 N Kings Highway 

5.) Food Lion Myrtle Beach - 7631 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach

6.) Socastee High School - 4900 Socastee Blvd, Myrtle Beach

7.) Walmart Surfside Beach - 2751 Beaver Run Blvd, Surfside Beach

8.) Inlet Square Mall - 12125 Hwy 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet (Bus shelter at old K-Mart)

9.) Coastal Grand Mall - 2000 Coastal Grand Circle, Myrtle Beach (parking lot between Sticky Fingers and Dillards)

10.) Myrtle Beach Helping Hand - 1411 Mr. Joe White Avenue, Myrtle Beach

11.) Myrtle Beach Street Reach - 1005 Osceola Street, Myrtle Beach

12.) Myrtle Beach Transfer Center - 10th Avenue North & N Oak Street

13.) Gator Hole Plaza - 550 N Highway 17, North Myrtle Beach

14.) Walmart Garden City - 545 Garden City Connector

15.) Forestbrook Middle School - 4430 Gator Lane

16.) James Frazier Community Center - 1370 Bucksport Rd

17.) Bucksport Library - 7657 S Highway 701

18.) St. James High School - 10800 Highway 707

19.) Burgess Community Center - 10299 Highway 707

20.) Waccamaw Pottery - George Bishop Parkway & Fantasy Harbour Blvd Intersection

In addition, Coast RTA has added evacuation pick up locations along the southbound side of Kings Highway. There will be NO pick up evacuation stops along the beach side of Kings Highway. ALL evacuation stops are on southbound side.

1. Corner of 70th Avenue North and Kings Highway across from the Exxon gas station.

 2. Neighborhood Walmart Kings Highway and 40th Avenue North, near gas station. 

 3. Corner of Kings Highway and Poinsett Road

 4. The former Rite Aid Pharmacy Kings Highway and 29th Avenue North. 

 5.  Corner of Kings Highway and 13th Avenue North. 

 6. Corner of Kings Highway and 6th Ave North at Mt Atlanticus mini golf course. 

 7. Kings Highway across from Family Kingdom at George's Seafood, just past 3rd Avenue South.

 8. Food Lion Kings Highway at 14th Avenue South.

9. Express Exxon gas station at 26th Ave South and Kings Highway.

For details on Coast RTA's operations and service to these evacuation bus stops/pick up locations, please call Coast RTA's Customer Service at 843.488.0865.

General Evacuation Tips

If an evacuation is issued, it is important that residents know the evacuation zones as follows: 
  • Zone A: All areas east of U.S. Business 17 (Kings Hwy), up to intersection with U.S. 17 (Kings Hwy) and then all areas east of US 17 (Kings Hwy) to the Northern county line.
  • Zone B: All areas south of Hwy 707 and Longwood Drive, including all areas in Longwood Plantation (Blackmoor) to the Waccamaw River and all areas east of U.S. 17 Bypass (Mark Garner Hwy) to U.S. 17 (North Kings Hwy) and all areas east of U.S. 17 (North Kings Hwy) to the northern county line.                                                
  • Zone C: All areas between Hwy 701 and Hwy 544, south of Brown's Chapel Avenue and Hwy 814, plus all areas east of Highway 31 (Carolina Bays Parkway) to Highway 90 and all areas east of Highway 90 to U.S. 17 to the northern county line. 
  • Mobile homes, campers and those in flood prone areas are asked to evacuate for all storms.
  • Horry County evacuates for storm surge and not for wind. 
Prior to any evacuation orders, it is important that residents are familiar with the evacuation route that they will take: 
  • North Myrtle Beach and northward: Evacuees from north of Briarcliffe Acres will take SC 9 north to I-95 and beyond.
  • Briarcliffe Acres south to Myrtle Beach 10th Avenue North: Evacuees in Briarcliffe Acres south to 10th Avenue North will take SC 22 (Conway Bypass) to US 501 to Marion.  In Marion, they may then take US 76 to Florence to access I-95 southbound or they may stay on US 501 to SC 38 to access I-95 northbound.
  • Myrtle Beach, from 10th Avenue North south to the Myrtle Beach International Airport: Evacuees from the Myrtle Beach area south of 10th Avenue North and north of the Myrtle Beach International Airport will take US 501 to Conway.  They may then take US 378 to Columbia or continue on US 501 to Marion.  In Marion they may then take US 76 to Florence to access I-95 southbound or they may stay on US 501 to SC 38 to access I-95 northbound.
  • Myrtle Beach International Airport southward through Surfside Beach: Evacuees from the Myrtle Beach International Airport south through Surfside Beach will take SC 544 to US 501 to Conway.  They may then take US 378 to Columbia or continue on US 501 to Marion.  In Marion they may then take US 76 to Florence to access I-95 southbound or they may stay on US 501 to SC 38 to access I-95 northbound.
  • Garden City Beach south to Winyah Bay: Evacuees from Garden City Beach south to Winyah Bay will take US 17 south through Georgetown.  They will then take US 521 to SC 261 to US 378 to Columbia.  Alternatively, they may take US 17 south to US 701 in Georgetown to SC 51 to US 378 at Kingsburg.
Residents that live in Evacuation Zone C should utilize the closest available evacuation route to safely evacuate the area.
When evacuating, it is important to take a road map.  Motorists should be aware that law enforcement and the South Carolina National Guard may be posted along evacuation routes to provide assistance.  
Whether required to evacuate or not, it is recommended residents
  • Have all necessary medications (prescription and over the counter). 
  • Have a supply of non-perishable food and water for each family member including pets.
  • Survey property to mitigate the potential of flooding such as making sure storm drains and gutters are clear of debris.  
  • Have family hurricane plans in place; including items that may be needed like water, batteries, flashlights, etc.  
  • Anticipate potential power outages that could extend for several days.

Shelter Tips

If an evacuation order is given, area schools will be opened as American Red Cross Shelters in Horry and Georgetown Counties. Coast RTA is the responsible party for public evacuations once an executive order is issued.
Should residents or visitors need the local shelters, there are a few tips:
1.) Shelters may be crowded.
2.) Shelters do not accept pets.
3.) Shelters are not designed for comfort.
4.) Residents will need to take their own supplies such as batteries, bedding, identification, toiletries, clothing, etc.
5.) Shelters do not accept guns, alcohol or animals.
6.) Residents needing shelters to accommodate special medical needs should call 843.915.8804 to pre-register.  

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Emergency Evacuation Bus Stops

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