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Fare Passes


Available fare passes:

Pass Type                   Days                Rides                        Cost

All day pass               1 day              unlimited rides          $5.00

3-day pass                 3 days            unlimited rides          $10.00

7-day Pass                 7 days             unlimited rides          $20.00

15-day pass               15 days          unlimited rides           $40.00

10-ride pass              Varies                   10 rides                $13.50

The above fare passes cannot be used in conjunction with CATS Program, Express Routes, or any Premium Services.  Day passes are consecutive and begin the first day of use.

Value passes (use as cash)

$3.00                                                                                   $3.00

$10.00                                                                                 $10.00     

$25.00                                                                                 $25.00

All passes are available at Coast RTA in Conway. Certain passes are available for purchase at Piggly Wiggly, Highway 17 Myrtle Beach and Georgetown. Passes are non-refundable.


General Fares                                                                            

Fare boxes accept bills, coins, Coast RTA issued passes and transfer cards. Please have exact change when boarding, drivers are unable to provide change (a change card for the difference will be issued by the farebox).

Tarifa cajas aceptan billetes, monedas, pases Costa RTA emitido y transferir las tarjetas. Por favor tenga el cambio exacto cuando embarque, los conductores son incapaces de proporcionar el cambio.

Type                                                                                      Fare

Fixed Routes                                                                         $1.50

Fija rutas $1.50                 


Express Routes (discounts or transfers are not available)     $2.00

Expresar las rutas(descuentos o las transferencias están

no disponibles)$2.00


Transfers                                                                                  $0.25

Transfiere $0.25


Children Limit 3(under 6) w/paid adult fare fixed routes       Free

Niños con (Menores de 6 años) el pago de adultos gratis


Student with ID                                                                         $1.25

Estudiante con ID $1.25


Senior citizen / person with disabilities                                     $0.75

Personas mayores/discapacitados $0.75


CATS Program (application required, must qualify)                   $3.00/$6.00

Programa de los gatos (aplicación requerida. Debe calificar) $3.00/$6.00



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Coast RTA

Fare Passes

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