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How to Ride
The essential guide for first-time riders

Waiting for the bus:

Coast RTA drivers will not honor flag stops on routes where there are established bus stops with signs. Please wait at designated bus stops and signal the driver you wish to ride the bus. Drivers are not permitted to deviate from the scheduled routes.

Boarding the bus:

Please have your exact fare or ticket/fare card ready before boarding the bus. Bus drivers carry no money and cannot make change. Half fare riders must have their identification card ready to show the driver. If you do not show your card, you will be required to pay the full fare.

If you need a transfer please ask the driver when you pay your fare. You cannot obtain a transfer when you exit the bus. You must catch the next available bus traveling the route to which you transferred.

Riding the bus:

Please make front seats available for elderly or disabled passengers. After paying your fare, take your seat as quickly as possible. This allows the driver to start moving and stay on schedule. When walking on the bus, hold on to the grab rails or seat backs. The use of seat belts are required if available. Do not move around on a moving bus. Wait until the bus stops to get out of your seat.

Please, no eating, drinking, smoking or radios without earphones on the bus. Use care and courtesy when carrying items such as umbrellas, groceries and other packages. Help keep your bus clean and take all trash with you.

Exiting the bus:

When you wish to exit the bus, please give your driver adequate notice. Pull the bell cord at least one block before your stop. Please use the rear door to exit the bus and allow boarding passengers to use the front door. After you exit, NEVER cross the street in front of the bus. Stand away from the bus and wait until it has left before attempting to cross the street.

Fare information:

The driver of a route does not carry money. Your driver is unable to make change. You can receive change in the form of an eletronic change card.

Coast RTA offers senior citizens, persons with disabilities, students and Medicaid card holders reduced fare passes. These passes are valid on all fixed routes during regular operating hours. Come by our Conway Terminal to receive your pass.

Please observe these simple rules:

  • No smoking
  • No eating or drinking
  • No littering
  • Use headphones if listening or playing personal devices.
  • Speak softly when using cell phones.
  • No tipping

Transfer points:

The Ivory Wilson Transfer Center located on 10th Avenue North at Myrtle's Market in Myrtle Beach is the transfer point for these routes:

  • Route 7 Conway/Myrtle Beach/Conway
  • Route 10 Myrtle Beach Local
  • Route 15 South Ocean Boulevard (South of 10th Ave. N)
  • Route 15 North Ocean Boulevard (North of 10th Ave. N)
  • Route 16 Georgetown/Myrtle Beach/Georgetown

The Coast RTA Terminal located at 1418 Third Avenue, Conway is the transfer point for these routes:

  • Route 1 Conway Local
  • Route 7 Conway/Myrtle Beach/Conway

Transfers for Georgetown routes are located at Duke & Hazzard Street.

  • Route 16 Express
  • Route 16 Georgetown/Myrtle Beach/Conway

Handicap SignAccessibility:

All Coast RTA fixed route vehicles are handicap accessible.

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Coast RTA

How to Ride
The essential guide for first-time riders

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