Coast RTA Offers Adjusted Service on Routes 16 and 16X

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Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Coast RTA announced Tuesday that road conditions had improved enough in Georgetown County to offer modified service on routes 16, 16 Express 1, 2 and 3 beginning Wednesday, October 12. 

Coast RTA will be adjusting its Routes 16 and 16 express 1, 2, and 3 beginning with its morning service to Georgetown and Andrews. At this time, Coast RTA’s Georgetown County routes are not able to serve the rural areas such as Choppee, Pleasant Hill, and Dunbar/Rose Hill due to road conditions and closures. 

Buses serving Andrews will follow the regularly scheduled fixed route times for serving Andrews Library (this is the ONLY scheduled stop for Andrews due to road conditions), departing from Georgetown and returning with the morning and afternoon runs. Buses will depart Georgetown as scheduled on Route 16 and Express 1, 2, and 3 and return from Myrtle Beach on their regular schedule to Georgetown and Andrews Library.  

Coast RTA operates the following fixed routes: No. 1 – Conway Circulator; No. 7 and No. 7 Express (7X) – Conway to Myrtle Beach; the No. 10 – Myrtle Beach Connector; the 15 North and 15 South, choice of routes with select stops along Kings Highway and Ocean Boulevard from 82nd Avenue North to Market Common; and, the 16 and 16 Express (16X) [Georgetown routes]. Coast RTA fixed routes are $1.50 per ride for adults; $1.25 students with ID; $.75 per ride for senior citizens/disabled citizens and FREE for children, ages 6 and younger (limit 3 with paid adult). The Express Route fare from Georgetown is $2 per ride for adults. All transfers are $.25 each. 

Announcements will be made through local media outlets and social media channels for post-hurricane re-instatement of fixed route and paratransit service. For the latest updates on Coast RTA’s bus service, refer (may be downloaded from to Coast RTA’s APP or call Coast RTA’s customer service at 843.488.0865. 

About Coast RTA

Founded in 1983, the Waccamaw Regional Transportation Authority, dba as Coast RTA, is dedicated to providing safe, reliable and consistent transit service to Horry and Georgetown Counties through its fixed routes, paratransit services and mobility services for those with disabilities(Americans with Disabilities Act 1990).Averaging more than 36,000 trips per month, Coast RTA provides critical links to jobs, medical services, entertainment venues and numerous other destinations for residents and tourists of the Grand Strand area. 

For more information including additional route, schedule and fares information, call 843-488-0865 or visit the website Become a Coast RTA fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @CoastRTA. Coast RTA passengers are encouraged to track their buses in real-time or plan their trips with the Coast RTA Ride Tracker. The Coast RTA APP is FREE and may be downloaded at the Google Play Store and the Apple APP Store.  

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Our Mission

To provide safe, reliable, affordable and courteous mass public transportation that enhances the quality of life for residents and supports the growth of tourism.


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