Contactless Fare Payment

  • Coast RTA has introduced contactless fare payment technology on its fixed route and paratransit service.
  • Visa and Mastercard contactless-enabled bank cards and mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Cash App) are accepted. Cash is still accepted as well.
  • To tap to ride using the same method of contactless payment on each trip: Tap the payment reader located in the front of the vehicle.
  • If traveling in a group, each rider must pay their fare separately. Don’t use the same contactless payment for multiple riders.
  • Contactless payments are safe and secure.

Contactless payments are now accepted in the front of our vehicles.

Coast RTA currently accepts Visa and Mastercard contactless-enabled bank cards and mobile wallets aboard all Coast RTA vehicles.

At this time, accepted mobile wallets include:

Cash App ( )

Apple Pay ( ),

Google Pay ( ),

Samsung Pay ( )

Cards that are contactless-enabled have the following symbol (on the front or the back) of them:   

Many banks and financial institutions have switched to contactless cards to make payments safer, faster, and more secure for their customers. Check with your card issuer if you are unsure if your card is contactless-enabled.

If you do not have a contactless card, you can also link an existing bank card to your payment-enabled device—or you can request a contactless card from one of the companies that offer free contactless prepaid debit cards such as Cash Card ( )

Yes. For a limited time, Coast RTA will be accepting cash.  NO magstripe cards will be accepted.

Yes. You can still use cash for your fare.  Our new pilot program will reduce fares to just $1.00.  We will no longer be providing transfers.  Each ride will be $1.00.

Contactless Payments in Action

ook for the contactless symbol on X readers as you board:
Simply tap your contactless-enabled bank card or payment-enabled device below the screen on the contactless symbol to pay your fare and wait for the

Contactless payment readers are the face of Coast RTA’s new contactless fare payment system. The readers serve as point-of-sale terminals, allowing you to pay your fare and begin your ride instantly. They are located in the front of all Coast RTA vehicles.

If your contactless-enabled bank card is not working, it may be due to one of the following reasons: 

Your card issuer has declined payment. Please check with your card issuer.

Your card may be damaged or expired. If this happens, you’ll need to get your card reissued by contacting your card issuer.

Your card type is not accepted, e.g. American Express, Discover, and other card brands. Visa and Mastercard are accepted at this time. Do we accept these


Fares paid via contactless payment will cost $1.00 each time the bus is boarded.

One-way fare: $1.00 whether you tap to pay with a contactless card or your smart device, you will be charged $1.00for a one-way fare when you tap the payment reader as you board the bus

Daily (24-hour) maximum: $3.50. See below to learn more about fare capping.

Paratransit Customers will ride fare free with a valid Coast RTA Paratransit ID card.

Students, Veterans, and seniors will ride fare free during non-peak times.  Peak time rates will remain $1.00.  Peak times are noted as 6-9am and 5-7pm.

Fare capping guarantees that you won’t be charged more than a specified amount per day no matter how many times you ride—as long as you pay with the same contactless card or mobile wallet.

To take advantage of fare capping, you must always use the same payment method to tap on Coast RTA.  For example: Don’t use your iPhone to tap on for one trip, and then tap on with your Apple Watch for the next, and then your contactless credit card. Even though the same bank card may be linked via both devices, the system recognizes them as different payment sources and you will lose the benefit of fare capping.

Your fare is calculated automatically based on the number of trips taken in a day and charged to your card’s account like a standard credit or debit card transaction with the description “Coast RTA Tap to Ride.”

Yes. Tap-to-pay transactions are processed through the same secure networks used for all other credit card processing transactions. Contactless cards are built on secure EMV® Chip technology, which has proven effective at reducing counterfeit fraud. Just like inserting your card, each EMV® Contactless transaction delivers a dynamic, one-time code to the payment reader that protects payment information and authorizes the transaction with a single tap.

Personal data is never stored, sold, or given away by Coast RTA or any third-party agent. Coast RTA’s customer service representatives do not have access to full credit card account numbers.

No. Just like your card issuer does not see what you order from a coffee shop, the issuer will only see the amount of the transaction.

No, there are no additional fees to use contactless-enabled payment methods.

No. At this time, each rider must pay with their own contactless-enabled bank card or payment-enabled device.

Yes, you must use the same payment method throughout your trips.

Yes.  Out fare boxes no longer have the ability to process mag stripe cards.

Troubleshooting Issues

If you tap your contactless card or payment-enabled device and the payment reader indicates that the payment was not accepted, you will need to use another payment method to pay for your ride. Your payment may not be accepted for a few reasons:

  • It is possible that your payment method has been blocked if we have not received payment for a prior fare. Until payment is received for that fare, that payment method will remain blocked, even if you use other payment methods in the meantime
  • Your payment method has been declined by your bank 
  • Your card or smart device is damaged 
  • Your card is not contactless-enabled
  • You may not have enough funds

To resolve an issue with your card, please contact your bank. In the meantime, you can use another credit or debit card, including a card in your mobile wallet. If you are having trouble with your payment-enabled device, you may need to remove the card from your device and add it back in.

Card clash happens when more than one payment method touches the payment reader at the same time. The payment reader may deduct the fare from the wrong bank card/device as it reads the first payment method it comes in contact with—or it will not read either card. It is recommended you present one payment method when paying your fare.

Note: If you are paying for someone who is traveling with you, you will need to use a different card or device for each person.

If you did not authorize a charge, or if you believe that you have been charged incorrectly, you can dispute a charge by speaking with XX[insert transit provider name]XX Customer Service at XXXX.

  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact your bank first to ensure that your card is canceled and to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  • If your card is subsequently found, and if your bank did not cancel it, you may continue using your card.

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