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Coast RTA Paratransit Services

Coast RTA’s Paratransit Services are designed for persons who are unable to access its fixed routes independently and safely due to physical or mental disabilities.

What's the service area for Coast RTA's Paratransit Services?

Coast RTA’s Paratransit Services are available in areas of Horry and Georgetown Counties within a ¾ mile radius of any Coast RTA fixed route.

How does Coast RTA Paratransit Program work?

Coast RTA’s Paratransit Program is a door to door advanced reservation, shared ride, transportation service. It is openly available to anyone pre-qualified (and certified by a medical professional) on the basis of having a physical or mental disability (whether short-term or permanent). Passengers requiring door-to-door service in order to use paratransit may request a modification of this policy when scheduling their trips. In such cases, the driver will provide assistance on a door-to-door basis.

Service is provided on a time and space availablity basis. Any persons who are currently ADA certified or qualified for the Coast RTA Paratransit program will be permitted to ride the Coast RTA fixed routes at no cost.

How do I qualify for Coast RTA Paratransit Service?

To qualify, applicants must have a doctor certify the short-term or permanent disability. Pick-up and drop-off destinations must be within a ¾ mile radius of a Coast RTA fixed route. Coast RTA reserves the right to verify any applicant’s status with a health care professional.


Coast RTA Paratransit riders and companions will pay double the fixed route fare, but no more than $3 per person for service each way. Approved and registered attendants are not charged to accompany rider. Companions are allowed on a space available basis at the $1.50 fare. Only pre-purchased passes will be honored for Coast RTA Paratransit Services.

Making reservations

Reservations must be made in advance for adequate scheduling. Pick up times may be negotiated with riders to make scheduling more efficient. Coast RTA may change the requested departure time up to one (1) hour. Any change beyond one (1) hour must be agreeable to the rider. Coast RTA may, at the discretion of the Paratransit Coordinator, honor a late trip request if it coincides with the previously established schedule. To schedule a ride, call (843) 488-0865.

Please have the following information ready

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Pick up location and address (Address is needed as well as location.)
  • Drop off location and address (Address is needed as well as location.)
  • The desired time of arrival at your destination
  • The desired time for the return pick up
  • Whether or not passenger will be using a mobility aid.

Cancellations and no-shows

Occasionally, there may need to cancel a ride. Please be considerate of others and make any cancellation as soon as possible.

All cancellations should be directed to (843) 488-0865. Coast RTA Paratransit Program participants should attempt to call at least two (2) hours prior to pick up time.

Please be advised that Coast RTA reserves the right to suspend or deny service to anyone who has excessive cancellations or no shows.

Our Mission

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